May 16, 2024

Fuelling innovation with new funding

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Access to clean, sustainable water is becoming more and more urgent worldwide. As demand increases and traditional solutions become more costly, new thinking offers exciting opportunities and possibilities.

With partners such as Tau Capital, we can bring bold ideas and new airwater technology to the forefront to advance change more rapidly. 

Shaping the future of water, today

Today, we announce a significant investment in Airwater Co. and our portfolio of scalable air-to-water solutions from Tau Capital. The funding will be used to expand operations, manufacturing, infrastructure and distribution, with a continued focus on R&D, our unrivalled team and the next iteration of our groundbreaking air-to-water technology.

“Airwater Co.’s tech-focused approach to water security exemplifies the type of transformative innovation which we at Tau Capital believe is essential for sustainable global development.”

— Bill Murray, Managing Director at Tau Capital

Focused on sustainable technologies

Tau Capital, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, champions technologies that reshape industries and enhance global prosperity. With a focus on early-stage investments in high-impact sectors such as space, biotech and sustainable technologies, the venture capital firm is shaping the future of our world with its investments today.

As we pursue new offerings and expansions, Tau Capital is a key partner in improving access to clean water in our shared home of Abu Dhabi, the GCC and beyond.

Achieving bold pursuits together

We are proud to partner with Tau Capital to introduce impactful solutions and accelerate change. Not only does Tau Capital share our vision, they also share our values and the critical need to change the way the world thinks about water. 

As Andrea Mollica, Managing Director at Tau Capital said, “Water impacts every company, employee and consumer in the world — the importance of Airwater Co.’s work and this investment goes beyond any one industry or generation.”

Thank you to Tau Capital for accelerating innovation, and exploring new solutions in support of people and our planet.

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