May 8, 2024

A new dawn: Hotelier Middle East

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A new dawn: Hotelier Middle East feature

There is a certain magic in the hospitality industry. Whether enjoying a shared meal, relaxing in a luxurious interior or seeking out new adventures … hotels, restaurants, resorts and other guest venues transport us to other worlds. They invite us to bring new ideas and experiences home with us, to restore balance and inspire beautiful moments and memories.

Long before many began pursuing ESG initiatives, hospitality was leading the way. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts was among the first in the GCC to bring our air-to-water technology on site. Today, we are proud to partner with global hospitality leaders including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Accor Group, Rove Hotels, Emirates Palace and other innovators to advance meaningful change.

The power of ESG partnerships

Recently, Hotelier Middle East showcased our air-to-water technology, and its impacts for the hospitality industry. We value the opportunity to share our work with others who are defining important ESG programs across the GCC and worldwide. 

As cited in the article:

“As the world evolves, hotels, resorts and hospitality leaders are evolving alongside it. Air-to-water technology offers exciting new possibilities to delight guests and elevate water experiences. The last few years have brought significant ESG commitments and progress — now is the moment to plan for the future. Whatever your water consumption or ESG goals, Airwater Co. can help you to improve water security, supply chains, sustainability and valuations with next-generation AWG. 

At every touchpoint, from restaurants to gift shops, pools, spas and fitness centres, Airwater Co. helps properties to deliver comfort, well-being and an unmatched experience, with water that fulfils discerning tastes with the highest standards of quality, luxury and sustainability. True to other sustainable solutions that category leaders invest in, Airwater Co. provides experiences and products that guests are proud to enjoy, revel in and share with others.”

Read the feature story online. 

Creating a brighter future together

Thank you to Hotelier Middle East and our esteemed hospitality partners. It’s our honour to collaborate with you and others to champion ESG programs and advance water sustainability. With millions of people and executives visiting every year, these efforts ripple through to other industries and areas worldwide. Hospitality is a powerful conduit to create the world we want to see — and we’re accomplishing it together because of you.

“No matter how large or small your footprint, no matter the scale of your operations, we all have the power to create meaningful change.” 

— Dave Cupit, Airwater Co. COO

Sourced from UAE skies

Inspiration comes from all corners of the industry and the GCC. Based in Abu Dhabi, we’re fortunate to have media and partners who inspire us and create far-reaching platforms for change. For more information on our still and sparkling bottled water delivery service and our atmospheric water generation solutions for hotels and hospitality, please contact us.