March 28, 2024

Sustainability Spotlight: Jotun

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This new series turns the spotlight on our partners, their ESG strategies and sustainability journeys. Join us over the next month for stories of innovation, commitment and impactful environmental stewardship. 

As a global manufacturer of protective paints and coatings, Jotun is applying innovative ideas and a far-sighted vision to reach their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and safeguard valuable resources around the world.                                                                                   

Jotun has made significant investments in sustainability programs and initiatives over the last few years, lowering their own operations’ carbon footprint by 21%, enhancing electrical efficiency by 16% and raising the amount of waste recycled to 61%. Today, these achievements are Jotun’s base for future’s goals.

In 2021, the World Coatings Council and their members, including Jotun, created a global foundation for sustainability programming in the paint and coatings industry. Among different sustainability initiatives like factory design, manufacturing processes, water reuse and recycling, water efficiency is considered a focus to achieving bold sustainability goals. 

Aligned with this mandate and the UAE’s Environment Vision 2030, Jotun UAE is evaluating water usage across their entire value chain. “We use sensor technology, equip our taps with aerators, repair leaks with effective management systems and process wastewater in our effluent treatment plant,” said Sachin S Shetty, Jotun’s HSE Manager. “Since 2017, we have treated approximately seven million litres of water to reuse back in our production process,” he added.

In line with Dubai Can, a sustainability initiative by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Jotun UAE adopted air-to-water technology in 2023. The company aims to replace 78,000 plastic water dispensers with Airwater Co. technology, which converts atmospheric moisture into pure drinking water. In the first year, Jotun UAE has already produced nearly 50,000 litres of airwater, avoiding the use of more than 92,000 plastic water bottles and reducing approximately 8.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) by using five Airwater Co. generators.

“Water saving practices need to be adopted by companies and communities, and it is essential to educate individuals about conserving water and preventing pollution,” said Shetty. Jotun is empowering their employees to have access to high-quality drinking water whenever they want it, demonstrating how innovation is essential for their life and work alike.

Learn more about Jotun’s environmental framework and their work making the world a brighter place, and stay tuned for our next spotlight honouring water sustainability champions and innovators as part of our World Water Day series.